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Anicca: A Mantra Album

Anicca is the first studio album by SWISHYA. It contains ten mystical Mantra chants, each one looped 108 times. The album has a total runtime of 10 hours 46 minutes and 20 seconds and is exclusively available on

Anicca is designed as a vehicle for meditation, yoga, relaxation and other equanimous and spiritual practices.

The term 'Anicca' stems from Buddhism and stands for 'evanesence' or the impermanence of the embodied life on earth. It is used to describe the sequence of birth, growth, death and decay through which every organism passes.

This album was recorded and produced in a tiny home studio, located in a small town in Chhattisgarh State, India. The sounds accompanying each mantra have been chosen lovingly and are bound to a unique place, where a smooth, profound experience awaits, on the journey within.

Download options and procedure:

After payment, you can download the album directly via the download button that appears on the 'Thank You Screen'.  For later downloads, please use the Download ID that will be sent to you by e-mail.


The file size of this download is 1.45GB. All audio files are in high quality MP3 format.


If you need assistance, please contact us at

Anicca: A Mantra Album by SWISHYA - Digital Download

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