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This pack gives you 207 unique, raw, unprocessed and 100% royalty free vocal samples from the central flat-lands of Chhattisgarh, India.


This bulky bag of creative vocal riffs finds is rooted in the musical landscapes of the Southern Indian states of Kartakana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. All for you to chop up, mix and modulate for your production's needs.


Whether it's Drill, Psytrance, Classical Music or Lo-Fi: this most obscure collection of sounds will take your production to a whole new place and space on no time.


To maintain exclusivity, only 100 packs will be sold. So grab it while you can!


About the samples:

We know the importance of 'character' when it comes to samples. That's why we kept these ones unprocessed, unedited and purposefully imperfect. These are NOT the polished-and-processed samples from fancy studios that everyone else is using. Absolutely no processing has gone over these recordings, in order to provide you, the producer, with maximum flexibility.


About Drsya:

Drsya is an award-winning singer, songwriter, music executive, producer, video maker and recording artist from Chhattisgarh, India. Her musical background is in 'Carnatik Classical', a classical school of music from South India. In recent years she has expanded her musical horizon and has worked on Soul, Psy Trance, Pop, Trap, Metal, Jazz, Techno and Folk songs.


Technical Stuff:

All samples are 24Bit/48kHz .Wav files. All recordings were done with a Rode NT-2 microphone and a 3rd generation Focusrite sound card. The samples are labeled by key and BPM and rendered as full bars as much as possible. This makes looping is as simple as dragging and dropping it in your DAW.


Legal stuff:

After purchase, these samples are 100% royalty free, and can be used for pretty much everything you want, including commercial purposes, without owing us any credits or money. What you can not do however, is re-sell, re-use or sub-license the Samples as part of other sample packs, audio libraries, virtual instruments or equivalents. We hope that makes sense. Read the full user license for our Samples Packs in the Terms and Condition.



Total: 207 Samples*


33 Alaaps

27 Chants

20 One Liner Melodies

20 Kannokal

18 Mantra Vibes

16 Single Words

12 Swarams

11 Background Vocals

11 Spoken Melodies

11 Vocal FX

10 Spoken Words

18 Uncategorized Extras


* 207 samples means 207 samples. No alternate or processed versions of the same recordings.



After payment, you can direct download the Sample Pack via the download button that appears on the 'Thank You Screen'.  For later downloads, please use the Download ID that will be sent to you by e-mail.



If you need something to get started, try this:

  • Take a sample
  • Add a low pass filter

  • Add (a lot) of reverb

  • Then loop that wherever you see fit.... :)


...Boom: you've just taken your production to a whole new place and space :)


Enjoy your Producing!

South India Vocal Sample Pack by Drsya - Digital Download

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